Why The Coast to Coast

The start of the coast to coast walk.


The Coast to Coast walk is probably the most popular long distance walk in the UK, it is certainly one of the most well known and best loved of all long distance footpaths. Thousands of people walk the route each year; starting out in St. Bees on England’s west coast in Cumbria and walking 190 miles to the picturesque fishing village of Robin Hood’s Bay on the east coast in Yorkshire. In between they pass through three beautiful National Parks; the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors.

The path follows public rights of way across hills and valleys, rivers and moorland, avoiding large towns and villages as much as possible and managing to avoid long stretches of tarmac for almost all of its length.

The route was devised by eminent fellwalker Alfred Wainwright, author of the famous Pictorial Guides to the Lake District. In the early 1970’s he set out to find an alternative long distance walk to the Pennine Way, which at the time was almost the only option for people wanting to walk uninterrupted for several days at a time. The Pennine Way in those days was an almost unrelenting slog through peat bogs and across pathless moorland terrain, something to be endured rather than enjoyed – at least in the view of many walkers at the time.

Wainwright wanted to offer an alternative; a route that passed through the most majestic scenery England had to offer, using already established footpaths and starting and ending in beautiful seaside villages. He described the route from west to east, to take advantage of the prevailing weather and this is the direction most people choose to walk it.

So why The Coast to Coast.....192 miles, three national parks, some of the best scenery this country has to offer, its a challenge, its been voted the worlds second best long distance walk, 2 weeks off work, 12 english breakfasts, you get to eat out every night, good beer, and you meet people from all over the world all sharing the same interest...So Why Not.

How it began...

 I bounced the idea about to  some friends about doing the coast to coast back  in late 2016, by January 2017 six of us had booked and secured accommodation and baggage transfer  through Sherpa van , the walk was now set in stone for the 20th of August 2017.

I decided to use The Sherpa Van Project as you can pick your own accommodation and check reviews other Coast to Coast walkers have left regarding rooms, food etc.

We are doing the origanal Wainwright route to be completed in 12 consecutive days, from west to east, as Wainwright describes...this keeps the prevailing wind and rain of one's back.

In the 190 -odd miles from seashore to seashore we will have ascended and descended the equivalent height of Mount Everest so fitness is certainly a key issue in completing this walk.

We are all members of the east lancs ldwa and reguly walk 20+ miles each week and have done numerous back to back walks in the past, although never 12 concecutive days, so this will be a challenge to us all.


The Coast to Coast Route.

Journey's end in Robin Hood's Bay.